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Today, like others, we continue to have some reservations

Today, like others, we continue to have some reservations

We fully support the points made by the representative from the United Kingdom, particularly with regard to the identification of nutritional needs as identified by the developing countries themselves. We also fully support the Nordic request that the FAO Council of 1991 be given a substantive report on the preparatory process for this conference.

You will recall that last year we expressed some reservations on the timing and the allocation of resources for the International Conference on Nutrition

Representatives of bilateral agencies and others who attended the ACC/SCN meetings in Paris in February of this year urged that the conference have sharper focus than is evident in the four objectives stated in the paper before the Council. Indeed some of the other interventions this afternoon have repeated that request. We would, therefore, appreciate clarification by the Secretariat as to what modifications are being considered to the agenda and to the conference objectives.

In addition, we share with the Secretariat concern about resource constraints. Mr Dutia has indicated that he may be coming to donors looking for voluntary contributions. We, on our side, would appreciate the Secretariat advising us of what measures it will take to mobilize additional financial resources from within existing budgetary allocations. We would appreciate further clarification of human resources to be allocated within the FAO as well as the trade-offs that will inevitably have to be made in terms of other on-going FAO nutritional activities.

Finally, we note the close involvement that the ACC/SCN has in examining the substantive issues arising during the preparations for this conference. We would appreciate the Secretariat indicating whether it is the intention of the FAO and WHO Secretariats to re-submit the conceptual framework paper to the ACC/SCN for further technical input and guidance. We look forward to the Secretariat’s response to the points we have raised.

George REEVES (Australia): Australia supports broadly the objectives of the conference, noting in particular the importance given to identification of the causes of nutritional problems as a basis for measures to overcome the problems.

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The need for collection and dissemination of data cannot be over-stated and the emphasis on vulnerable groups is considered to be an appropriate priority.

Australia commends the Government of Italy in hosting the conference in December 1992. We plan to be represented at the conference as a Member Government.

Australia believes that cooperation between FAO and WHO is a positive step toward integrating the nutrition-related components of the world’s agricultural and health sectors. Cooperation with other agencies, non-governmental organizations and industry is also important and is to be strongly encouraged.

On the question of involvement of Member States in reporting to government bodies, Australia aligns itself with the comments made by the distinguished delegate for Finland and also some of the comments made by the UK.

We think that some further thought could be given to this issue. We note, however, the intention to adopt a country-based approach complemented by the preparation of technical and theme papers. We would be pleased to contribute a country paper indicating the national situation and actions implemented or planned. We would, however, appreciate further information on proposals for the preparation of such papers in a general sense and endorse the comments by others in this particular regard.

SEIFMAN (United States of America): Document CL provides useful information concerning preparations taken since the 25th FAO Conference last year for the International Conference on Nutrition.

Clearly considerable effort has been made to get conference planning off the ground organizationally and in developing a conceptual framework. FAO and WHO task forces have been developing a joint framework paper.