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Samsung Adds Support for Crypto Hardware Wallets to Galaxy Smartphones

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The Samsung Blockchain Keystore works as a blockchain framework for accessing decentralized apps and managing cryptocurrency transactions. Simply put, it provides a convenient and efficient gateway to the blockchain via a smartphone. To address safety concerns, the Keystore provides integration with Samsung’s Knox security system and Samsung’s “TEE” . The platform is quite new compared to others in the market but despite its short time in the market, the Samsung Blockchain has made significant strides to establish itself. People discuss it lengthily talking about how it is useful for those users who keep cryptocurrency for purchasing goods and services.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore

It is reputable for its features such as Private Share which ensure the secure management of data and information, and no risk of privacy while sharing the data and information. The blockchain is known for its support for cryptocurrency Android applications, and decentralized apps , where the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK facilitates direct communication between them and also other functionalities. Its features let the platform authenticate the exchange of digital assets. Therefore, it can manage and store crypto assets in cold hardware wallets and soft wallets. Shared that it had developed a new blockchain solution that allows Samsung Galaxy owners to use their smartphones as hardware wallets. The new system update enables blockchain users to manage virtual assets previously stored on third-party cryptocurrency wallets from the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.


The user must enter a PIN or use their fingerprint to unlock the device to access this information. Many Samsung Blockchain Wallet users have been experiencing issues with Tokamak Network’s Simple Staking. To help users continue to use Simple Staking, the Onther team has created a Wallet Migration guide.

  • According to the information provided on the Samsung Developers website, quite a lot of devices support Samsung Blockchain Keystore.
  • All the necessary data must be worked out to use your phone’s wallet to make safe cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Furthermore, the Samsung Blockchain Keystore has a technology known as the Trusted Execution Environment, or TEE.
  • If it is included, then the transaction is now shared to everyone participating in the network.
  • If a user’s fingerprint has been registered on the mobile device, they can select a fingerprint as another type of authentication.

At the same time, it has also been correctly deployed on over 30 mainstream exchange nodes. The TRON network is expected to be available in Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore. This is according to a recent announcement made by Samsung a few hours ago.

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The TEE is designed to keep authentication data separate and is normally used as a secure zone of the device’s CPU. The TEE functions in an isolated environment that is separate from the main OS, thus separating its data from all other processes. Samsung Knox enables users to divide the data for their applications into two different sets on the same device, making it possible to split one dataset (e.g. work use) from the other . If an unauthorized user wanted to gain access to your mobile device, they’d find it extremely hard to access that second layer protected by Knox. The Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a substantial element of the company’s blockchain initiative, which is aimed at tackling security issues related to blockchain and the integration of mobile devices. Because this Root Seed is about 128 to 256 bits of 0 and 1, and is not friendly to read nor remember, 12 to 24 words of recovery phrase can replace the Root Seed.

Some of them also allow for DApp ecosystem expansion and blockchain promotion. According to, blockchain services on Samsung devices are now available in 17 countries across the globe. Among them are South Korea, Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Samsung consumers from the aforementioned countries should contact their local service providers for more details about Samsung Blockchain Keystore functionality. According to the information provided on the Samsung Developers website, quite a lot of devices support Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Then the system asks them to enter the recovery phrase in a special secure location, ensuring that the user has completed this step correctly. Once all the details have been settled, the wallet is ready to use and you’re able to securely carry out different cryptocurrency transactions via your phone. This is another way of saying that they’re always connected to the internet, with the private keys often stored on a third-party server. Spending the cryptocurrency on these wallets is easy, but they’re considered relatively unsafe. According to the guys at SamMobile, Samsung’s Blockchain KeyStore service will integrate a “cold” wallet, where keys are stored offline for greater security. The wallet will go online only when that’s needed – and only after the owner’s permission.

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