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Interested to learn how app development budget is estimated?

Interested to learn how app development budget is estimated?

If you plan to develop a dating app as a fully-featured product and want to launch it more quickly, a wise approach is to divide the full product into a few logical app versions

Now that you know how to build a dating app technically, you might be curious about how much does it cost to make an app for dating and how you can make money with your app.

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Any custom software development requires proper planning in terms of budget. In general, the cost of making a dating app depends on the following factors:

  • Development approach
  • Number of platforms (plus adaptation to devices – web responsiveness)
  • Location of a software development partner and their rates
  • App design complexity
  • Number and complexity of features during dating mobile app development in the first and subsequent app versions

This means implementing the most crucial features and leaving all additional goodies for later versions. Thus, you can find a great balance between the app development cost and profit.

Our experience shows that it takes approximately 3-6 months to develop the first version at a cost of around $60,000-$80,000 per platform (iOS or Android + back-end development + basic admin panel).

This is the minimum budget for the first version that you should expect to spend. The cost of making a dating app may increase depending on your requirements and needs.

The subsequent app versions are planned out ahead of time along with the first version. This is due to the product scalability factor, which should be incorporated in the architecture. To keep things in perspective, be prepared to spend $300,000+ if you plan to make a solid dating service.

Our next table will show a breakdown of dating app development costs based on the project stage and the complexity of the app:

Please note that the calculations have been made with a $40/hour rate (average rate on software development services in Ukraine).

Extra note: How to create a dating app similar to Tinder is not a relevant question to ask. That company received investments of $50M dollars to develop, scale, and promote the Tinder app.

Not every product can boast such a budget. However, you can have your own success story. Just don’t intend to build an app like Tinder, as cloning an existing product will not result in a great outcome. Rather, try bringing a new idea to the market.

Based on the rates, it makes a lot of sense to look for a software vendor in Ukraine. With an average hourly rate of USD $40, Ukraine is a great place for outsourcing software development if you seek great quality for moderate prices.

Our team has created an exhaustive article that lists the services that make up the total when it comes to application pricing. Discover a more detailed app cost estimation in the guide: How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

How to Build a Dating App: Tech Stack

  • Native dating app development

If you want to know how to create a dating app that performs well, then you should opt for the native dating app development approach rather than web or hybrid. This approach increases app operation, allows for the creation of a more suitable user experience and advanced interface, offers the application of innovative technologies, and more.

  • Avoid free templates of dating apps

Do not be misled by a free dating app template offering. There are online services that propose the ability to create a dating site or app for free. The result is not actually a properly working product, but one with ads and malware. It is impossible to launch apps like this in the app stores.

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