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If you find yourself Yeong is actually most commonly utilized in Asia, it is very a fairly prominent basic and you will history identity when you look at the Korea

If you find yourself Yeong is actually most commonly utilized in Asia, it is very a fairly prominent basic and you will history identity when you look at the Korea


So it female identity would-be best for your own daughter, that is because the breathtaking and you can new because flower petals regarding a flower.

Ying was a greatest term inside Asia in Social Revolution, hence took place regarding the sixties. Of many moms and dads decided to render kids patriotic labels to show assistance because of their country in addition to Communist People. If you wish to provide the de- that’ll remind the girl so you’re able to operate for just what she thinks in the, imagine naming the woman Ying.


Other practical translation try “follow pledge.” Yinuo is extremely popular, rated as the most popular term for females into the 2020, with everything twenty-five,100000 women bearing that it label. Yinuo is predict to remain common during the 2021.

Yu Jie

So it fairly name is a combination of a couple terms and conditions. Yu function “jade” or “dear stone,” and Jie form “pure” otherwise “beautiful.” Jade is actually an excellent a symbol stone in Chinese society. The surface brightness off jade represents love, while their toughness refers to cleverness. Naming your own child after this precious brick could be more significant than you might has believe.

Inside the Chinese culture, clouds are thought to be lucky because they give rain in order to water new harvest. Ergo, another meaning to have Yun are “lucky” otherwise “fortunate.” You to superstar with this specific name is Yun Duo, a modern-day artist regarding Qiang.

A poetic term conjuring up images of your own ocean later in the day go out. Yuxi is really preferred, ranked since eighth top Chinese title for girls. Approximately eleven,969 people were entitled Yuxi within the 2020, but so it amount is anticipated to go up throughout 2021.

Zang is a type of history label to have Chinese someone throughout the United states and that’s not often utilized while the a first identity for females. Zang is also an occupational surname when you look at the Germany to possess descendants from a good blacksmith.


That it unisex term is actually popular from the 2010s, rated as 2nd best title for girls additionally the tenth most widely used Chinese title to possess males. When you’re the popularity features reduced a bit, it is still extremely prominent, rated once the next preferred girls label in Asia for the 2020. Should you want to provide your own de which is “on-trend,” Zihan could well be a good options.

If you are naming your own girl Zhi would not guarantee that she’s going to be wise past the woman ages, they yes won’t damage providing the lady a reputation along these lines! The top woman using this type of name was Lu Zhi, the first ladies empress out-of China. Already, Zhi was ranked due to the fact 90th preferred name during the Hong Kong.

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So it old name’s at least 4,one hundred thousand years of age. It absolutely was first a good surname utilized for the Han anybody. Now, it’s utilized since the both a good surname and a given identity. In the Cantonese, Fu might be spelled as “foo.”

It a few-syllable name’s pronounced gee-ow. From inside the Cantonese, Jiao try spelled, Hou. Jiao ‘s the title of a beneficial Chinese lake and constellation. It can be a variety of money used through the Greater China, Taiwan, Hong kong, and you will Macao.

Mei Lin

It name can be used alone or along with almost every other labels, particularly Ping-Wei otherwise Ping-Li. In ancient times, Ping try a common label to own emperors and you will warlords. Ping is still a popular identity getting esteemed anybody. You to definitely noteworthy lady are Shu Ping, who had been new 12th wealthiest person in Asia inside 2020.

Tian Mu

A less common interpretation try “consume bird.” This-syllable name was at the top the brand new charts about seventies and you will eighties, ranked because the next and you will 4th preferred term among Chinese girl names. Even though it is not just as prominent when you look at the 2021, will still be relatively popular, with many moms and dads deciding to title the little girls Yan.