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Many crypto trading bots utilize API keys which integrate with an existing exchange account, TradeSanta is no different in that regard. Even so, this list should provide you with a well-rounded view of crypto trading bots and how they can prove as beneficial tools inside your crypto belt. Users may sign up for a free account and begin utilizing the platform’s trading features in a couple of minutes. In this guide, we have identified the top three most popular crypto trading bots for automated trading, as well as some background and suggestions on how to use them. KuCoin is another cryptocurrency exchange with built-in trading bots working seamlessly to execute trades. And although we think that Pionex has a better user interface and more options, KuCoin is an easy-to-use bot with strong performance.

  • It ain’t a good product if it doesn’t provide good documentation of its product or customer support.
  • Cryptohopper is one of the most established players in the auto trading scene for several reasons.
  • If your trade isn’t directly matched by an order that’s already on the books, you need to pay the maker fee.

But eventually, something happens and high prices garner selling pressure. An obvious example is news trading based on negative/unforeseen events. Once the selling pressure is higher than buying pressure, the trend reverses and drags the price down to the bottom. Momentum trading strategies refer to buying/selling an asset according to the recent trend.

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Forex and crypto markets might be an excellent place to test out a wide range of trading strategies. However, some methods work better than others in hard times of uncertainty, when sudden moves substitute long flats only to be followed by another unavoidable dip. Forex is a currency pair market, which means it uses the same principles as any other financial market.

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Coinrule comes with extensive trading strategies to take advantage of. New templates are added to the platform on a regular basis, which include everything from stop-loss settings to long-term holding strategies. Now that you have a good overview of the different types of best trading bots for crypto, you must be wondering what crypto bot trading strategies you should use for consistent profits.

The best part is to rebalance your portfolio when you are hodling the coins. Kucoin — Crypto trading bots for beginnersThis provides the best performance compared to other trading bots in this article. Market change – how much the market grew/shrank at the specified period. When trading more than one coin-pair, this metric is the average of market changes that all pairs incur, from the beginning to the end of the specified period.

Docker – easiest method for all platforms

Settings – This page provides access to preferences that have been specified by the user. A partnership with Cloudflare’s service has been formed to mitigate the risk of such an attack occurring. We’re proud to announce that Grid Trading Bots are now available in the Exchange! Automatically buy low and sell high while avoiding FOMO in a volatile market. Especially for beginners, getting a bot that is user-friendly is crucial. Make sure your bot has proper mobile support, so you can monitor it more easily.


There are no hidden fees or other charges based on your number of trades or the total capital you want to trade with. Automated crypto currency trading software for over 600 crypto currency markets. It is entirely plausible for inexperienced traders to be taught a strict set of guidelines and become successful. However, aspiring traders should remember to have modest expectations. A trading algo or robot is computer code that identifies buy and sell opportunities, with the ability to execute the entry and exit orders. Binance also prohibits the use of bots for market manipulation or price manipulation.

TradeSanta is a relatively unique trading bot that’s entirely cloud-based, intended to reduce the amount of time it takes to perform trades. The bots are easy to create, and can be used on many different crypto exchanges. With TradeSanta, you can create an unlimited number of bots, which is its most notable advantage. The three packages you can select from are priced at $15, $27 and $35 per month.