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My journey from stay-at-home mom to sexual adventuress

My journey from stay-at-home mom to sexual adventuress

I might look like the rest of the , in fact, a sexual powerhouse: a discerning, happy slut.

Twenty-four years ago, I met the love of my life. We have been married for 19 years, and live in Portland, Oregon. We have two children, a dog, and a minivan. Since my husband is the priily, I get to be the real deal as a stay-at-home mom and homemaker: I slap on some yoga pants, organize carpools, plan meals, clean house, arrange play dates, do laundry, pick up kids, drop off kids, volunteer in the community – the whole thing. Imagine a favorite neighbor: That’s me.

What exactly does that mean? Well, I practice, promote, and facilitate safe and fun sex of all descriptions between consenting adults of all descriptions. I have an LLC, a logo, a mission, legal counsel, and dreams of building a business wikipedia reference to serve a sexy, open community. I’ve started to produce events. I make introductions between potential sexual partners (both married and single), promote awareness, answer questions, offer advice, and kindly boss around a select-but-growing group of sexually adventurous men and women.

My journey from stay-at-home mom to sexual adventuress

Homemaker and madame. Loving wife, swinger, and polyamorous lover. Devoted mother and dedicated promoter of safe, consensual, fun adult sex.

You’re not alone. In a country and culture that systematically represses normal sexual urges, putting a face of shame and disgrace on even the simplest desires (Don’t touch yourself there! Save yourself for marriage! Don’t look at other men/women!), a person like me – well adjusted, well educated, happy, and successful – is expected to adhere to some restrictive societal norms. Women – and men – who deviate from those norms are, in fact, considered “deviants.” Perverts. Sluts.

Monogamy and heterosexuality are supposed to “look” a certain way in our culture. But sexual proclivities are as diverse among married, straight people as they are in the LGBTQ world. Every human has distinct eating habits and sleeping habits; sexuality and sexual predilections are as singular as the individual. While I might look like the rest of the , in fact, a sexual powerhouse: a discerning, happy slut.

My upbringing was fairly conventional, if somewhat privileged. My parents loved, supported, and encouraged me, as they do to this day. I attended excellent private schools – including an elite boarding prep school – and got my bachelor’s degree in history and literature at a small liberal arts college in Europe. I met my future husband in college. After school we were happy to settle in an energetic, progressive city like Portland. Before our children were born, I had a successful career in event planning, managing large charitable auctions and business events. A month before our first baby was born, I left my event-planning career to stay at home with my daughter. I nursed, cooked, cleaned, nursed again (and again), and attended to the needs of my family. This was my new career. It was difficult, and often lonely.

After four years of full-time baby monitoring, I needed to work outside of the home. So I started a business as a fashion stylist, professionally advising men and women on wardrobe selection and management. I love to work, and thrived with each client interaction. I built my business while organizing carpools, attending doctors’ appointments, room-parenting, play-dating, serving on a board or two, cleaning, dicing, pressing, and community-building. I was – and still am – an engaged, driven, and organized new-millennia mom, balancing a small business, a big social life, nurturing my marriage, and raising two small girls to be powerful, informed, curious, and free-thinking individuals.

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