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I’ve been with Maverick for 9 months.

working at forex employee reviews

I’ve been with Maverick for 9 months. I’m in the process of moving into the profit sharing program.

working at forex employee reviews

You will wake up one morning to trade and see your account is missing large amounts of money and when you try to find out what the problem is, they will play dumb. You would be better off going elsewhere. Do people working at CURRENCY EXCHANGE have the time and location flexibility they need? Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 13 current and former employees. Of the respondents, 69% said that they strongly agreed that they have the flexibility they need in terms of both time and location, and 15% said that they agreed.

Great Pay And Benefits If You’re Not In The In Crowd Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself

You can only lose your own capital but have to give up 30 % of all winning, There is also a 200 monthly cost. It’s hard to work for a place that go against your values. I’m leaving this place soon because they are scamming people. I know for a fact that they overcharge fees and they do things which are unethical just to get more clients. I can’t stomach these things that’s why I’m actively seeking for a better job now – one where my values won’t be compromised.

working at forex employee reviews

Worked with alot of good people. I didn’t like having to work six days a week just to make 40 hours. Learned alot of different skills working there. An excellent place to work as an entry-level teller. Get the experience and move on—no career path or advancement. Flexible with giving employees time off.

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The volatile of currency exchange rate requires strong analysis skills to forecast what will happen in during a specific period. Stress full working environment. Its a fun company with all those extra perks and fun trips after every quarter and fun and interesting job to be in. A company on which you can choose your working days and hours, while having the opportunity to earn as much money as you are willing to loose.

  • I have been fortunate to grow my career and expand my skillset to do things I had never known I always wanted to do.
  • There will be some costs requires on the traders responsibility like desk fees risk capital but that seems to be the case with alot of firms.
  • Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 13 current and former employees.
  • Thank you for sharing your feedback.
  • It seems to be following the same pyramid scam mentality that pops up everywhere there is a massive amount of money required to complete the interview process.

Working at MTI is stressful but the opportunities to learn and grow far outweigh the negatives. The company needs to slow down though if they are going to succeed in the future. We can’t thank you enough for the kind words about MTI. Your review means a lot to us and lets us know we’re on the right track! Didn’t know how to lead or run a company. Products ended up losing people more money than it made them.

Productive And Fast Pace

It was my first doing a group interview. Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 15 current and former employees whether dotbig trading platform reviews they often learn something at work. Of the respondents, 47% said that they strongly agreed or agreed that they do.

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High pressure sales tactics Extremely high turnover rate. I had 8 new managers the first year I worked there. Multiple Mass layoffs last year up to 20+ people at a time. They have been behind on the insurance payments causing employee insurance benefits to be frozen and you dotbig trading platform reviews don’t know until you get a bill months later from the Doctors office. My workdays are fun, and I enjoy going to work here. The culture is very positive and modern, and my immediate manager is wonderful. I cannot complain at all about my experience here at Market Traders.

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